love this outfit so.

love that mouth expression, like she's working so hard to get her words out.

 love the body language

POTH is probably my favorite character on boardwalk empire. she provides the show with some much needed humor. my favorite lines of her's are, "you should grow a mus-tache" and "he's aaall man to me" in a heavy new york/new jersey accent. i predict she is going to go crazy, do some damage, and possible kill someone by the end of the season. can't wait! 

paz has always intrigued me, ever since i saw her in, a walk to remember as a high school mean girl, and the cider house rules as a weirdo orphan. "crazy girls" or what i see as crazy/hot mess/spacey/unstable/bad girls alway intrigues me. other examples of this are courtney love, taryn manning, natasha lyonne, kate moss, lindsay lohan, rayanne graff, kim kelly of freaks and geeks, parker posey, sienna miller, winona ryder, amanda peet as rachel in igby goes down, marla sokoloff as gia in full house, kirsten dunst as nicole in crazy/beautiful, the olsens, amy winehouse, christina ricci characters, lisa bonet, and there are more i am forgetting. i think i like them because i am not like that at all and never could be, so i live vicariously though them as a way of getting that out of my system. i bet lots of people feel the same way.