amy grant and her music

she was my favorite singer as a kid. my childhood best friend Gina and i would dance to her early 90's music (it was the early 1990's then) in her front hallway. sometimes her mom Reggie would peek her head around the corner from the kitchen and i would get embarrassed and stop dancing, so then she would stop watching us and i'd start dancing again. me and gina would always take turns of who was dancing and who would act as the audience. we never really danced to her music together. the album we always listened to was called heart in motion and my favorite songs were and still are baby, baby and good for me. i have had a revival of loving her music and loving dancing to it. (i think i like people named amy: amy grant, amy sedaris, amy poehler, amy winehouse, just how i like people named jerry.) i love amy grant songs!

now please watch and enjoy this music video for the song baby, baby!