francesca woodman and her photographs

i saw some of her photographs today at a gallery uptown. i bought the exhibition catalog and enjoyed reading the first essay. i'm really glad i bought the book. francesca woodman also interests me as a person. she committed suicide when she was 22 or 23 (in 1981) by jumping out of a window, so i think of her as around my age when she was making her work, but its weird to think that if she was alive today she would be my mom's age because they were born in the same year of 1958. i first heard about her freshman year of college at the art institute from my teacher and a girl in my class named sophie that i thought was really cool, in my first photo class which was when i started to photograph. sophie kind of photographed like francesca. sophie was really intense and nice and realy into her art, and i just like all of those qualities inher. she was from germany and a heavy smoker and she was realy cool looking and pretty. i haven't thought about her in a while but i always wonder about her in the back of my head. i think we were kind of friends. i also read that francesca had "girl crushes" all of the time and was jealous of people's styles and that she loved clothes and fashion. i am into that stuff too, so thats cool. sorry if this is too self talky. haha. i have so many fucking girl crushes. francesca's photographs make me love being a girl.

i also saw sally mann photographs at a gallery uptown too, and there were some images i'd never seen before and i really liked them.

i really loved both of these shows that i saw today.