i want to be a children's book writer

i had a thought yesterday that i kind of want to be a children's book writer. maybe just as a side job. who knows? but i have this good idea for books, kind of based on my family. in a weird way this relates to the previous post but i didn't even think of that. i had the idea for this because we were talking about beatrix potter in class, and she really inspired me. oh and andy can and wants to do the drawings! my aunt is a children's book writer and i'm going to talk to her for advice and to understand the process better. check out her really cute website: CLICK HERE! my favorite children's books are amelia bedelia, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, from the mixed up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler, peter rabbit, and many more that i don't remember the titles of and can only describe. I want to create characters and settings and worlds that are exactly my taste! i'm pretty, very excited about this possible new job!

this is my aunt janet as a kid. how adorable!

and this is her (my mom's elder sister) at sweet 16. (these photos are from her website.)

*sidenote: i watched mary poppins and the making of while at home with the fam on spring break and it was even better than i recalled. so i just bought it on amazon. and i'm going to see the play in april because my school is selling tickets for only 20 bucks!