the return of jezebel james

this is a show on fox. only 3 episodes have aired and its already been cancelled, and i don't think they are even gunna air the other 4 episodes. it stars parker posey which is the only reason i watched it. lauren ambrose is in it too and i kinda like her. and diane wiest is in it too! i love her. so the show is about sarah (posey) and she is a successful children's book editor who then decides she wants a baby but she can't have one so she asks her estranged younger sis coco (ambrose) to have the baby for her. i mean the show is pretty bad. but i love seeing sarah's huge fancy totally impossible brooklyn loft. see what doesn't work is that parker's character is supposed to be really uptight and responsible and mature but parker posey just isn't like that, she's too weird in a good way for this role. i don't really even know why and of them did this show. its all supposed to be very new yorky but it just seems fake. oh and the title of the show refers to coco's childhood imaginary friend that sarah then made into a character for a children's book. funny, cute. anyways, i still wanna see the rest of the show haha.