fashion week so far

to be brutally honest, i am not very impressed with most of what i have seen this season. but of course it is just the beginning and the amazing stuff is always at the end. just waiting for marc to save the day. i haven't seen anything that i just have to own or something inspiring that i need to use for a shoot, let alone inspire the theme of a shoot. i will blame it on the economy for now haha. (and as you can probably tell, my taste in fashion has changed a lot since february, which was when i started working in the styling aspect of this crazy fashion world. i don't like color really, and if i do wear it, usually only one color at a time and the rest is black. very new york. i mean i have lived here for 4 years now, it's going to have some effect. and i basically hate very girly looking/feeling clothing. i used to love dresses, and i still do, but not overly girly ones. nowadays, i like a harder edge to clothing. i love studs, leather, bleeched denim, black and white tie dye, layers, vests, blazers, short dresses, demin shorts, fringe, leopard print, black, white, a pop of color. i think i will photograph my favorite items in my wardrobe and put 'em up!) can't wait for paris shows! excited to go to the karen walker show today! and then see juergen teller give a talk!