fashion's night out was pretty ridic

went to the wayne show in chelsea where my friend was djing, went to another show but left cause it started too late, then a friend's art show, then a juergen teller show, and on the way was walking next to him, i was so excited, the most excited i have been to see a celebrity in a long time, he was very thin, then shops in the meat packing district, saw dvf her self, what a beauty, christian louboutin was my fav, there was a lady in the window giving a guy a lap dance which was awesome, then to west village saw chanel iman sitting on a cow and yelling outside marc by marc, then soho saw russell simmons at marc jacobs, sienna miller at intermix, and anna wintour being chased down the street by girls with cameras, all the while eating free food and drinking free drinks. prada had mini cans of budweiser. crowds of people on every street. then the vena cava blockparty in brooklyn. oh what a night. so fun so funny so crowded so exciting so exhausting. whoooo hoooooo!!!