the boy crush vs. the girl crush

which is better? keep in mind i am a girl. and i really can't even remember the last time i had a crush on a boy, the kind you keep secret, because i have had one boyfriend for like over four years now. so obviously, i love the girl crush way more. you see, a girl crush when you are a girl is very obsessive. i guess a crush with a boy is too, but those are boring to me. with a girl crush, you study the girl and probably try to be more like her in any and every way possible, and you just can't do that with a silly boy now can you? who would want to be like a boy? in my whole life, i know that i've had many more girl crushes than boy crushes. hands down. i of course can't name any of them here for fear of them reading this and then knowing how i love them so. the more mysterious the girl, the better. oh i love my girl crushes. i have a particular one now. i saw her the other day. it was great. i basically have a crush, if only for an instance, on any cool girl i see walking down the street. i have a tendency to stare at her for too long. it is socially inacceptable. i love having obsessions. and so does my brother. i think it runs in the family.